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Learn more about delivery of fluoride solutions to proximal tooth surfaces!

What is recommended for caries interception with silver diamine fluoride?

Theodore Croll discusses caries interceptive measures by using silver diamine fluoride by presenting several cases in which the treatment was used. 


Learn more about maximizing resources while simplifying dental hygiene instrumentation!

What do your hygienists need to know about instrumentation?

This CE eBook covers a lot of ground, from evaluating and simplifying instrumentation to developing a monthly budget that allows for replacement of critical instrumentation. 


Learn more about the

How can the link between periodontal disease and other health issues save lives?

The "Bale-Doneen Method" provides a unique, comprehensive, and evidence-based approach to detecting, preventing, and treating cardiovascular disease and its implications for dentistry can help patients.


Learn more about early caries detection without X-Ray in this eBook!

Is early caries detection possible without X-ray?

Download this eBook that presents studies, cases, and videos about early caries detection using Near-Infrared (NIR) Transillumination and the benefits for your practice and patients.


Learn more about new imaging technologies that could help in caries detection!

Are radiographic images your only option?

Integrating new technology provides a safe alternative to radiographic images, and offers options in caries detection and diagnostic capabilities. 

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